George Harvey & Harry Lynn Duo


While slaving away over a hot piano two summers ago, our manager asked me to accompany a singer I’d worked with years ago in various Sydney clubs. His name is George Harvey and I fondly remember working with him when he was a part of the very entertaining and award winning group The Four Kinsmen.

We played and sang 3 songs together that day and it became apparent we had a very close musical bond { rapport }  so we decided to carry it further and put together a large library of material based  on the standards of the Great American Songbook.  The works of classic composers, Harold Arlen, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin, Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz, Richard Rogers, Duke Ellington, Jerome Kern and Johnny Mercer to name just a few.

Within a short while our library had grown sufficiently to undertake 3 or 4 hour gigs with George singing and Harry playing piano, and having a wonderful time. Happy to say we received lots of applause especially when George finished on a high note { Ab } which he sustained perfectly  in tune for up to 30 seconds.

We recently Performed at the Spaghetti and Jazz Restaurant at Robina on the Gold Coast. A delightful venue with a magnificent menu and a room full of very appreciative people and hostess Natalie.



Would you like to contact either George or Harry ?                                                                                            George 0418 443 213  or Harry  0418 886 229                                                                                                                 Always happy to answer your questions.