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My working life has centred around being a musician – playing piano and singing.  As well as a music career I spent 25 years as a seaplane pilot and had treated myself to a wonderful, somewhat adventurous, but far from lucrative life, having lived in Australia as far South as Port Arthur in Tasmania and as far North as Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef.

Born in Yallourn, Victoria, I moved to Melbourne in my early 20’s, and after 9 years there, spent a year in Singapore. On return to Melbourne having missed 2 of the severe winters, warmer Sydney beckoned and became home for 16 years where the music career expanded and I learned to fly, gained a Commercial Pilot’s Licence, and qualified as a seaplane pilot. My nickname of webfoot985 comes from being a seaplaner and spending many years behind the Pratt and Whitney R 985 9 cylinder 450 horsepower radial engine.


After several years of the gypsy life of a seaplane pilot / musician I settled onto the Queensland Gold Coast in 1990  I’ve worked as a fund raiser for the Careflight Rescue Helicopter, and  always have my eyes open for a great earning opportunity. I found Internet Marketing through a good friend who worked for CareFlight and I’m very very grateful. Bless you Graham.

In addition to my online work, I’m still involved with playing music, both solo and with the trio + lady singer pictured.  The piano, bass and guitar trio configuration is a very special concept.

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